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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

About Two Kinds of Coffee Bean

As we know, there are a lot of people enjoy to drink a coffee. You can see, there are many coffee shop established in the city. A people enjoy drink a coffee in a coffee shop, some of them enjoy the coffee with sharing about their life, but apart from those all, some people still doesn’t know about coffee bean, but for coffee lover’s coffee bean term is not strange for them. What is coffee bean? It is a seed of the coffee tree, or another definition of it is ground to make coffee. A lot of people still confuse about a selection of coffee which they want. Some people who know about a kind of coffee bean, never hard to choose what kind of coffee which they want to drink, but it will be going to be a problem for general people who doesn’t drink a cup of coffee regularly. In this article, I will explain you about a kind of coffee bean which often consumed by Indonesian people. Before I explain you more about it, for your information there are characteristic of coffee bean, it means every coffee bean has a characteristic. Back to topic, a coffee bean which often consumed by Indonesian people is Arabica and Robusta. Both of them have a different characteristic, taste and aroma. Each coffee bean, either Arabica or Robusta, has a variation taste and aroma depending on a place which the coffee came from, such as Arabica coffee Java will be different from Arabica coffee Lampung or Flores. The following points will explain you about characteristic of
Arabica and Robusta generally:

1. Arabica’s coffee bean, a characteristic is having a special sour taste, so Arabica’s coffee bean has a special aroma and tasty, the taste of it is bitter but stable, a caffeine degree is 50% less from Robusta coffee

2. Robusta’s coffee bean, a characteristic of it is not having a special sour taste (this is different about Arabica’s coffee bean and Robusta), Robusta’s coffee bean has a sweet aroma, the taste of it is mild or softly, and a caffeine degree is twice more from Arabica coffee.

So, which one what do you choose? It is depending on yourself, but if I suggest you to choose, you have to sure a supplement of it. For the example, if you want to use a milk, cream, or coconut milk, you should have to try Arabica coffee. Drink an Arabica coffee by addition of milk or cream or coconut milk will be delicious. But if you want a simple coffee without milk, cream or coconut milk and many other, you should have to choose Robusta coffee. You just add a sugar or honey or cinnamon, why? Because a Robusta coffee has a sweet aroma, so by adding a sugar or honey or cinnamon may have been a sweet aroma become strong. There is a choice of coffee for diet or lose weight your body, you can consume a Robusta coffee before sport, a high caffeine will help you for burning the calories. A coffee for your overtime companion, you can consume Robusta coffee, another side Robusta coffee can chase away from exhaustion and sleepiness. A simple way to get a coffee which you like, you can come to coffee shop, and after that consult with coffee maker about the coffee what you like to drink. That all a simple explain about coffee bean and also the kind of it. May it will be benefit for you to choose a coffee which what you want to drink it when you relax with your friend.

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