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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Espresso: An Appetizing Creamy Coffee

Drinking coffee is one of the best ways to boost your mood and energy. There are numerous varieties of coffee which you can choose to be your favoriteone; they are espresso, coffee latte, cappuccino, Americano, mocha chino, and any other varieties of coffee. Some people usually drinkcoffee in the morning, before starting their activities, to increase their stamina. Even some others choose to drink coffee in the night to keep them awake. Caffeine inside the coffee will burn and stimulate the heart’s works. The caffeine gives rise to you a good stamina, and less your sleepiness. But do not forget to still keep in the normal amount when drinking this beverage, however drinking the coffee exceedingly will also bring a harmful risk, it will rise a risk of heart attack or stroke. So, be careful and sensible in consuming your favorite beverage.

Here in this article, will give you further information about Espresso, its method and varieties. Where was this variety of coffee discovered? This isa kind of coffee which is established in Italia. Espresso comes from Italian word which means express. The word express is used to its easiness in processing the coffee, even it isn’t easier than brewed coffee but at least it brings you distinctive taste of coffee. The difference between both kinds of coffee is its method to get a concentrate coffee from its grind. The brewed coffee is made by mixing a coffee’s grind on the dripping coffee machine, then just waiting the extract till both are mixed already. Yeah, that is an easy way to get ordinary coffee refreshment. Besides, Espresso is made by force boiling water through the good quality coffee’s ground under high pressure. The water which is needed to brew such as this coffee is about 190-197 Fahrenheit degree, and the needed pressure to go through the coffee bean is about 8 till 10 atm.

In addition to the distinctive method in brewing the ordinary coffee and espresso here are the other differences:

1. In coffee bean roosting, the coffee bean which is used to brew an espresso will be roosted longer and the coffee bean will look darker and cause a stronger aroma.

2. Grinding the coffee bean, in this case the coffee ground for this beverage is made smoother than the ordinary coffee.

3. Caffeine contains. The caffeine contains in this beverage is higher than the ordinary coffee. That is why a cup of espresso can give more energy than ordinary coffee did.

4. The characteristic of this beverage is its gold creamy foamwhich consists of oil, protein, and sugar floating on its surface.

What is special from this kind of coffee type? This coffee type is a base of the other coffee’s varieties, such as cappuccino, cafe latte, Americano and macchiato. Here are some glimpse definitions of those types of coffee:

1. Cappuccino: It is made from an espresso with hot milk, andalso steamed milk foam.

2. Cafe latte: It is almost same with cappuccino. But it is made with additional steamed milk, in ratio about 1:3 or 1:5.

3. Americano: This kind of coffee type is made by adding hot water into espresso. It is simple but the flavour will be different than the ordinary drip coffee.

4. Macchiato: Still using milk. To make a cup of Macchiato you need to add steamed milk foam on your espresso. There are still some of espresso variations which you can find in different coffee shop, just like cortado, antoccino, doppio, Guillermo, and so on. To be apart from those kinds of espresso, it is all about your favour.

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