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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Robusta coffee beans have a large size, oval shape, high in caffeine and has a less fragrant aroma.
Robusta dapatt developed in environments where arabica will not grow ..

Robusta coffee (Coffee Robusta ex Lindl DeWild)
Scientific Name Coffee Robusta dewild ex Lindl.

Classification :
Division Spermatophyta
subdivision Angiospermae
class Dicotyledoneae
nation Rubiales
tribe Rubiaceae
Marga Coffea

Characteristic features :
Habitus: herbaceous, annual, 5 meters high.
Trunk: Woody, hard, white keabuabuan.
Leaves: single, ovoid, 5-15 cm long, 4-6.5 cm wide.
Flowers: compound, a star-shaped crown
Fruit: diameter of 5 mm, green color after petal.
Seeds: oval, split in two, hard
Roots: riding, light yellow.

Variety Robusta
Variestas adala famous robusta coffee Kopi Luwak from Indonesia and the Philippines Kape Alamid.

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