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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Coffee Shop: The New Experience of Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

In these following years, the amount of coffee lover is considered improved. It can be seen by looking into the growing of the number of coffee shop. In these days, you can find there are many coffee shops establish in the town, from the traditional one until the coffee shop with modern concept. It becomes one of the most favorite places for some people to just hang out or catch up with their friends. Some are opened from the morning and others are only in the evening. The habit of the people is also change, which before they used to drink coffee in their home and now they will be able to drink kinds of various coffees. The people’s contentment toward the coffee is just like to the tea. However, coffee has its own flavor, aroma, and temptation according to some people and it could be more appetizing. Some of them could feel that coffee becomes something addicting for them, no day without a cup of coffee.

The concept of coffee shop is made to fulfill the enthusiasm of coffee lovers which want to explore the entire coffee’s flavor which is could be tens or hundreds in and from around the world. It could be depended on where the coffee bean comes from, or where the method of coffee maker and process are from. The coffee shop usually provides kinds of coffee varieties and its brewing process. Each of those varieties has its own characteristic. The shop will bring the coffee lovers into the new experience of different coffee’s taste and aroma. Here are some varieties of coffee which you may find in the shop: espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, macchiato caramel, and Americano caffe. The other also offers different way to processing the coffee ground such as Turkish coffee, French press, and vacuum coffee.

Not only offers a taste and flavor of many various coffees, the modern coffee shop nowadays also provides a homey and cozy places and ambience. Indeed, there are some modern coffee shops in this world which are able to get chain till almost all over the world,let say Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, Mc CafĂ©, Costa Coffee, and any others shops. Starbucks for instance, it has already established for about 20.000 shops in more than 61 countries. This coffee shop also offers tens of menus which can’t be quit off the coffee varieties. The other is Dunkin Donuts, even it is known with its donuts product but it also provides some kinds of coffee which can go along with its sets of meals. Those coffee shops offer a pleasant and cozy place so you can perfectly enjoy your coffee alone or with your partner. Besides those popular coffee shops you are still able to find another local coffee shop which may offer different taste of coffee than the modern one.

The first coffee shop establishment remains in obscurity. No one knows which story was right. At least there are three historical record related with the first coffee shop establishment. The first said that it was established for the first time in Constantinopel, Turkey, which before called Kiva Han. Another record said that it was established in America and the other said Netherland. According to categorizing of restaurant, this shop is included to informal restaurant which provides a ready to serve meals and beverages. If you are a coffee lover you won’t be regret to just come and enjoy your coffee in the coffee shop. There you will find a new experience of enjoying the taste and aroma of the various kinds of coffee. You can enjoy it by yourself or with your relative and partner.

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