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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Top 5 World's Best Coffee Shop 2017!

Thanks to the modern coffee machine, which is increasingly suitable for domestic use, it is now possible to enjoy the best coffees on the planet.Whether you prefer coffee or beer, all options are open with coffees from all corners of the globe. But what are the best coffees to introduce in these revolutionary devices?

The Rainforest Alliance Contest

An organization named Rainforest Alliance organized a competition to know the world's best coffees, taking into account 76 selected samples across the globe.Let's take a closer look at the top 10 cafes.

The Top 5

In head, the Aguadas Rainforest Group coffee, with 89 points. Coming from one of the oldest coffee cooperatives in Colombia, this subtle aroma coffee is produced at a height of more than 2,000 meters.
  1. In the second position is the Sidama Producers' Cooperative of Ethiopia, which produces a balanced coffee with floral and spicy notes.
  2. Colombia was again in third place with the El Diviso coffee which reached 19th place in 2005 at the Colombia First Harvest Cup of Excellence.
  3. The fourth place goes to a Honduran company, COMICAOL, a fragrant and balanced coffee with aromas of chocolate.
  4. Fifth place, we stay near Honduras with a coffee from El Salvador, Santa Teresa, a pure aroma with floral and chocolate accents.

The Honours

From the 6th to the 10th places, quality coffees are not to be outdone. 
  • Coffee from India, the Jumboor Estate, Tata Coffee Ltd, came in 6th with 85.50 points.
  • Central America is still at the top with a Mexican coffee, Finca Kassandra, and two Guatemalan coffees.
  • Colombia is represented again with its coffee El Guayabito, Catalina, Los Naranjos, San Antonio in 8th position.
  • And finally Finca el Zapote and Adesc in 9th and 10th position respectively.

Extraordinary coffee

Did you hear about Kopi Luwak coffee? It is one of the rarest cafes, whose price can exceed 800 euros per kilogram. This Asian coffee has this astonishing that it is designed from coffee beans first digested by the civet, which does not prevent it from being delicious. 

The importance of quality coffee for your business

You need your employees to provide quality work throughout the day. Help them stay on top of their performance by giving them access to these quality coffees to keep all their senses alert.The choice of your coffee machine is paramount to preserve the delicate aroma of the best coffees. Choosing a quality coffee machine is therefore an investment over the long term, which will contribute to the happiness of your colleagues.

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