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Monday, February 6, 2017

Top 10 Most Expensive Coffees In The World

Top 10 most expensive coffees in the world, arabica from grand dukes

If you are like tarantino in Pulp Fiction and you buy only the best in terms of coffee then this top should delight you. Impossible to find in the supermarkets, these exceptional coffees can be the object of a true cult. Attention it is worth miex to have the wallet hung.

(Hacienda La Esmeralda-Panama) 635 € / Kg

The trophy shelf for the Hacienda "La Esmeralda" seems to be full. Indeed, these seeds have been awarded the 1st place in various competitions 13 times since 2004. This allows them to reach a record price at Kg! 635 € / Kg at the Best of Panama auction in 2013. It grows in the shade of the Goyaviers on the banks of Mount Barù in Panama. This seed is highly sought after and cultivated in very small quantities.

(Kopi Luwak-Indonesia) € 291 / Kg

The Kopi Luwak (kopi means coffee in Indonesian) is different, thanks to its process of selection and digestion. Yes, you read me well, digestion! It is fermented in an animal: the civet (cat). He eats the coffee cherries and lets the grains be collected in his feces. During digestion, the civet emits enzymes that alter the taste of the seed. This unique taste is now known all over the world, and attracts tourists on the island of Java especially to climb its price to 291 € for a kg of Luwak!

(Café St. Hélène-St Hélène) 143,75 € / Kg.

The origin of the coffee production company of St Helena may be related to Napoleon Bonaparte, who fell in love with the taste of this coffee and even cultivated it on the island personally. The island is located about 1900 km from the west coast of Africa, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The protection and the transport of this coffee contribute strongly to the high price on the label, but when have reached such a quality and a prestige, it is especially its unique taste that the amateurs come to seek: Its floral aromas with citrus notes are Unique and worth the detour.

(Molokai Coffee-Hawaii) 93 € / Kg.

Hawaii is the only state in the United States with a climate and soil ideal for growing coffee. It is therefore not surprising that there are famous cafés around the world. The Molokai is an organic coffee with floral aromas, berries and caramel, with fine notes of grass. It has a lot of body, is slightly acid, with a length in the mouth very chocolate chocolate. Attention, it is difficult to obtain.

(Fazenda Santa Ines-Brazil) 90 € / Kg.

In the farm of Fazenda Santa Ines in Brazil, tradition represents everything. From the position of the farm in family business, to the traditional methods of harvesting and processing, the Fazenda Santa Ines constantly produces high-quality coffees, and we want to say happily seen the price. These natural and ethical harvests are fed by natural waterfalls and planted in very fertile soils of the Maranhão region. 

(Blue Mountain-Jamaica) 89 € / Kg

Very popular in spite of its price not given, the Blue Mountain is known to all the coffee lovers. About 80% of the Blue Mountain produced annually is exported to Japan. It is cultivated in the blue mountains of Jamaica, where very heavy rainfall generates a particular shoot. Ideal to give you a boost if you are a fan of other Jamaican products.

(Los Planes-El Salvador) 72 € / Kg

The Los Planes coffee is grown at the bottom of the mountainous Chalatenango in El Salvador (we do not know but it looks very shimmering like a corner). This often rewarded coffee, placed second in 2006 for the Cup of Excellence and 6th in 2001 with notable flavors of caramel and brown sugar.

(Mi Esperanza-Honduras) 62 € / Kg

Honduras is becoming the leader in coffee production in Central America. Honduran coffee is known for flavors of fruits, nuts, chocolate and spices. It is highly appreciated by lovers because of its aromatic intensity and leaves no bitterness in the mouth. 

(Blue bourbon "Starbucks" -Rwanda) 42,5 € / Kg

The Blue Bourbon version of Starbucks offers high acidity, aromas of black cherry and butter mixed with notes of spicy nuts. Starbucks has a key role in its development as they help build coffee farms, helping to rebuild the country, the victim of a wobbly economy due to internal violence.

(Yauco Selecto-Puerto Rico) € 42.5 / Kg

What makes the coffee of the region of Yauco so rich in flavors is the combination of natural elements and cultivation techniques. Precipitation is high, particularly in mountainous areas such as Yauco. This seed provides a full taste, fatty flavors with chocolate notes.

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